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Real Estate

360 Scope Services provides Real Estate services in area of Property Development, Estate Portfolio Management as well as Property Acquisition and Disposition.

We guide our client on the most feasible options available in:

  1. Acquiring / Disposition of properties
  2. Property(s) Upgrade
  3. Investing in Real Estate Business

What We Do

General Contracting

General contracting services are used in the traditional delivery method of design,bid & build. 360 Scope Services has a wealth of experience as a general contractor for numerous projects overtime.

Turn Key Projects

360 Scope Services is the appropriate party to realize turnkey projects anywhere.

"Turn-key" means that the design, engineering, construction and as such the entire project is in the hands of one party, so that the project is handled very efficiently at the right time and within budget.

Our Services

Concrete Solution
We provide sound concrete solution

We Satisfy our Clients

Real Estate
Property Development


With fair leadership, strategic planning, selfless dedication to service through team spirit;
 there shall be no limit for individual and collective success."

Arc. Hamza Mai